With complete confidence, Jesus said the words of today’s text. Jesus knew that his future depended on Jehovah, and he was certain that his Father would remember him. What can we learn from Jesus’ words? Be willing to put your life in Jehovah’s hands. To do that, you must “trust in Jehovah with all your heart.” (Prov. 3:5) Consider the example of Joshua, a 15-year-old Witness with a terminal illness. He refused to accept medical procedures that violate God’s law. Shortly before he died, he told his mother: “Mom, I’m in Jehovah’s hands. . . . I can tell you this, Mom, with all certainty: I know Jehovah is definitely going to bring me back in the resurrection. He has read my heart, and I truly love him.” Each of us would do well to ask, ‘If I were to face a life-threatening situation that tests my faith, would I put my life in Jehovah’s hands and trust in him to remember me?