It always start with happiness

And end with sadness

Sometimes happiness leads all the way

Sometimes you might think that losing hope

Is the only thing I have.

But that’s not true.

You have a life to live

Don’t let your life be like a trash

That everyone throw things at.

Just pick yourself where you are

And start afresh

Learning from your mistakes is the best way

To fix your life

Being judged gives you more hope to achieve more in life.

They can judge you or insult you

Always know that you don’t live your life to impress anyone but only you

You can conquer anything

When you have hope

Our lives are more important

Than sorrow

Life can be hard

And end up in the point where you say

Iam tired.

Why is my life a living hell.

Years pass by

And the will be a year

Where your life turn up to be amazing

And great.

We always suffers more

Because of pain that we can’t get rid off

They always say it is easy to forgive

And it is hard to forget.

Never let yourself down

Never judge yourself

Never give up who you are

Because you never know what the future holds for you

Never let sadness take your happiness

Because you deserve to be happy

Always have a faith

And live your life to the fullest

Cause believing in yourself

Is the first priority you have.