Unjustified II
The skollie trembled, 
amidst an assembled
Dung-thirst circle 
of a despicable rebels
Odd, furious, coal white, sole-wide tyres
before dubious rolled rings,
left his body fired
Puffy smoke, choking 
his shadow in flames
The shock, strolling and throwing 
his swelling ears with names
Distort, images poking, 
the shameless pride and eyes 
Of a tribe, unjustifiably disguised
with a crazy craving for morbid highs
Borrowed echoes, slit
between shredded injustices
As for scents of fried flesh
and ferociously fresh flashes
Gambled with their nostrils
and cured their tonsils’ blemishes
The enlightened suspect, crying enough 
to leave his fetus kicking rough
against its mother’s corrupt womb
as its father’s imminent tomb, unravelled 
Her mother’s eyes,
Watching hopefully 
As an incestuous flame
gutted her, rapist, husband’s name
Her grandchild; stepchild,
eagerly inhabiting her daughter’s belly
amidst her violently voiceless screams
As crimson shadows of lust dispersed
aloof her husband’s skeleton’s hearse