To the sleeping fishes in unfamiliar seas,

Liberation beckons, yet shackles seize.

Africa, once free in dreams untold,

Now bound by chains too heavy to hold.

Sons of Luther, voices bold and clear,

Why not whisper Africa’s dreams, dear?

Prisons loom, chains clink, beware the plight,

Restless spirits, yet asleep at night.

Hands once held, in unity they thrived,

Yet now divided, dreams contrived.

Do African children not share pain’s cry?

Why sow seeds of discord, let unity fly?

Abandon borders, unite as one,

Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, under the sun.

Africa’s womb, once seen as threat,

Now bleeds dry, a tragic onset.

Nkurumah’s dream, a united land,

Betrayed by greed, by power’s hand.

Chains of slavery, minds remain bound,

Future leaders, lost, yet crowned.

Blinded by greed, by power’s allure,

Driven to hunger, they ensure,

Sons and daughters torn apart,

Divide and conquer, devil’s art.

Nkurumah, look upon your kin,

As they succumb to chains again.

Lost scriptures of a forgotten past,

Silenced voices, shadows cast.

Children of Africa, heed the call,

Before the chains once more befall.

Stand united, let voices ring,

For Africa’s dreams, let freedom sing.