Does the mind have a door?

Is mine locked?

While I’m trapped inside… begging,

to be let out?

I’m confined in my own mind,


from anything other than light.

I wish somebody can let me out,

cause it feels like I’m stuck,

but to the outside world… I look fine.

My anger engulfed me,

My sadness has befriended me

and my smile has abandoned me.

Like all the others… Who left me here;

trapped inside…

I feel lonely… And it’s dark in here.

All the lights have faded into

some…sort of…

Lie… A deceptive fairytail.

My body is floating but my brain…

Is too heavy to keep it high.

My heartbeat is unusual.

Everything i ever had

Is all gone, thus I know

it will never …

become mine again.

I pray and plead,

that i somehow escape from this …

unpleasant place,

but all i get is…

silence from the outside.

They cannot even hear me.

I am suffocating and soon

will lose my breath… and disappear.