We are all going to die, no need for us to be desperate
We are not ready to die, but in the end, we’ll be separate
Everyone has a friend
Everything has an end
Death makes things bend
Everything will change
We must be prepared for the battles we face
It’s not safe
You cannot escape death
While you’re living on earth
Death is everywhere, but I don’t know where
You will find it anywhere
The route to death is never in hiding
When we live it’s like we’re riding
It is understandable
The world is so sad
Everything around it is so bad
Everyone becomes mad
When you die you’ll go alone
They say you’re going home
Death is an unknown monster
We respect it like a master
On this earth, you have to stay in your own lane
Death and birth are not the same
We don’t know whom to blame
Death itself has an anger
It’s a sign that on earth there’s danger
When you’re born you live on earth
When you die you leave earth
That’s why it is called death