Ndlovukazi yam’
What could I have done without you by my side …
Hearing your cheers for me is like music to my ears
That oomph you pass on to me it’s like the connection we had through the umbilical cord

‘My Queen ‘
What could I be without you by my side
I can say that you are an angel sent from
That would be an understatement
Your gentle touch is that of a toddler … smooth ….
You may come out hard on the outside but like a coconut softer on the inside

I can not say you the best mom in the world but you mean the world to me ….

Like fresh breeze brushing through the skin …
So is your melody in early mornings preparing a scrumptious breakfast that awake the whole family ….

Queen of my heart ..
My heroine
Qhawekazi lam’