Growth is such a scary journey

One moment you up, the next you down

We’ve been going through changes son

You toss, you turn

You toil, you labor

You believe, you have faith

Sometimes we just don’t know when it’ll stop

But maybe not

Maybe it will be like this forever

Maybe it might just never end

But we learn to unlearn to relearn yet again

That’s the cycle of life

Learning and growing

You are in a better mind state now

You might not have everything you’ve wished for

You might not even get all of it

But I’m very proud how you handled this year

21 was one hell of a ride boy

Give yourself some props

Being an young adult is no child’s play

Life is just ruthless from this point on

We will meet some careless people

People that will try to destroy and derail us

People who just don’t care any bits about you

Learn to love yourself my boy

This road will never get easy

Get your shield of faith on

Pit on your armor

Life will not always be by your side

Remember just to try at least

Die trying my boy

And a very, very beautiful birthday to you, Jonathan.

You’re now 22.

Keep on praying and believing

This Too Shall Pass!