My heart still can’t get to grips to accept that you’re gone

16 years have passed and I still try to find ways to hold on

I was just so little and couldn’t understand what it means

Death took you away from me, my heart still bleeds

Growing up knowing that I’ll never see you breathe

Far from healing I just wanna live my life

Childhood traumas pile up I just wanna run and hide

My feelings is just on and off they play duck and dive

I’m hurt mama and they just wouldn’t understand

I grew up feeling lonely I had no friends

I just don’t know what a mother’s love feel like

It hurts mama and I can’t even speak of it

Growing up without you only made my life more difficult

It’s sad knowing we’ll never see each other again

I wonder and wander through life

Mom, did you ever love me?

I have endless questions

I just need answers mama

I never got a proper chance to say goodbye

I was just a little boy

Why do I deserve such a thing at such a young age?

Mama I don’t know who I am

I don’t know on which ground I stand

You left me vulnerable

I’m quite not happy with my life as I should be

I’m sorry if I make all this about myself

I love you mama

I’m sorry if I never said that to you

Rest Easy Mama…

I Really Really Miss You