I sold my soul for you

And I will never do it again if I had to

I regret

I want to escape every tune of this life

You brought endless pains

You once whispered in my ear

And hold me gently

That you will fade my worries in second

You said to me, you want to end all my problems

And I fell for it

I sold my soul wrongfully so

Who is to say no?

To an offer like this in life?

You convinced me

And I had no time to resist

He gave me no options

He charmed me in a way I never thought someone will

You promised to make me your woman

And so forth, you proposed

Mhn, what a fine shiny diamond ring

I fell for it again, and made a vow

That it will forever stay the same

My mind was lost

I was blinded by love

I signed every document to make it officially so

I was proud of myself

And he acted to be proud of us that we are now joint together

I fell in his arms

Confidentially told me not blame myself for what I did

He said “Yeah, you did what I wanted you to do”

Now knowing I was selling myself to an narcissist

He made my living life hell

He took everything I had

He took everything thing I owned

And made it to be his

He took my legacy

And left me like a piece of paper

I sold my soul for him