I fantasize about the day

I will get drunk.

I imagine the blurriness of

My eyes will swap roles with

The balance and direction of feet.

I imagine I will cry and haul out

My misery and troubles.

That rumbling will threaten my

Stomach to its tentacles knees.

I imagine the brew will introduce

Bubbles to my tongue and they

Will mate for a while before it flows

To my stomach and takes over

My sanity.

I imagine my mind in confusion,

Frustrated with the unfamiliar feeling,

My heart beating fast, trying to escape

The fiery burning.

I imagine I will wake up the next day,

My head heavy with regrets and shame.

I imagine I will curse and squirm at the

Thought of my mind holding on to every

Bit of memory and the cruel bitterness

On my tongue.

I imagine it will be my first and last.