I shouldn’t be crumbling to million pieces
Each moment I look at your beautiful face,
Hear your voice or feel
The ever soothing touch of your brown hands
For I know surely,
That I will completely loose my mind
All because of your warm heart
That is ever so genuinely kind.

I must have to work extra hard
At digging you out of my dusty system,
Now that your thoughts have applied for nakedness
Putting all your feelings in openness,
I shall be able to indulge you
In a way I hadn’t been able to, before.

I want to go a long way
Restoring my sanity and affection
Lost ignorantly
And put the sorry situation into perspective
In due course, I have told myself
It would likewise help to patch up
The wear and tear on our hearts—
And make them solid again,
Appearing as if they hadn’t been damaged before.

I want to step out of the vacuum
And actually begin living life with you again
For eternity this time.
Although I tried taking interest in other roses
I then finally realized
That I was fooling myself
Assuming that you are replaceable,
But the truth of the matter is, you are not.

How can a rose so beautiful,
So endearing and sweet-scented be replaceable?
That’s just preposterous!
I need to recapture the practical girl
I had loved all along before,
That unique rose
I deservingly found next door.