If I had seen the sky falling on you,
the dark shade of death rolling you with a white cloth,
the gates of heavens gently opening for you,
the sun moving slowly like a tortoise,
Sinking down behind the mountain,
With no intentions to rise with you,

If I would have known that the sun will set with you,
that you were taking your last breath,
In this earth,
I wouldn’t had to prepare for the next morning,
knowing that your death I will be mourning,
If I have heard the death calling,

before it ended our conversation,
before we sang a sadly heart cracking hyms,
seeing you so speechless in a casket,
a hearse slowly transporting you to the grave,
tears painting my face with the wave of pain,
knowing that I will walk into your bedroom,
and find it empty like the tomb of Jesus Christ,

I wish I had said that you were the best parent,
You were like a tree that withstand the strong wind,
a book that gave me knowledge,
and a courage,

with your death i tearfully smile and rejoice,
knowing that on earth you were a good Samaritan,
deservedly in heavens you will be my angel,
I wish I had said that I was blessed to have you,
now the heavens will be blessed to have you too,

I wish I had said that while you were still alive.