He is on wheelchair all day, yes we know;
She walk navigating the way with white stick, yes she is blind;
He cannot talk, yes that we can witness;
Hearing is the biggest problem, he understand sign language;
No hands, how do you do things?
No legs, how do you navigate the way?
All this we can comprehend, yes we do realize them.

You say women are all the same, what do you mean?
In your mind you compare all men; you say they are the same;
How irrational? Very strange to comprehend.
How to you see the world around you?
How things make strange sense to you?
Another form of disability.

You have all parts of the body; you seem to be complete;
You move around always;
Staying at tuck shops, all day long;
Sitting with your friends who are visionless.
Run away with stolen goods;
Kicking people, young and old; shame no you!!!
Your legs can not take you to the right places;
Another form of disability.

You have two strong healthy hands, what do use them for?
Robbing innocent people where ever you go;
Stealing from people who try to feed their families;
You turned to be a celebrity of burglary;
Others say you have magical hands;
Children are convinced that you are their hero;
But really? What kind of hero are you?
Pickpocketing people in trains and at market areas;
Walk with pride; you seem to be enjoying it;
Another form of disability.
Why can’t you use those precious hands for profitable things?
Like learn how to fix a car (motor mechanics)
Go and learn fashion designing;
Teach yourself to make pair of shoes;
Learn how to build houses;
Teach yourself to make table and chairs;
Learn welding and how to work with a steel;
Acquire skill how to cook and bake scones and wedding cakes;
Learn plumbing and fix geysers, taps and water pipes
Teach yourself how electric works.

Mind is a battle field, learn to win always;
You lose battle first in the mind;
Painful disability is in the mind;
As the man thinks in his mind, so he is;
You are limited in your mind;
Another form of disability.

Why didn’t you finish your school?
My father left me while ago when I was still young;
Crap; really? What are doing with your life?
This is not your father’s life; what about your future?
If what your father did way wrong; why do the same?
Another form of disability.

Discontinue protecting dignity you never had;
Cease using you time negatively;
Stop spending time with people who don’t add value to you;
Stop promoting negating misconception;
Do what will shape your life and future;
Stop feeding the demon of oppression in your life;
Stop blaming people for your own faults;
Don’t hate those who don’t see eye to eye with you;
Listen but select what you what to hear;
Break mental form of disability.