All I ask for is a chance,
A chance to dream of you in
Those sleepless nights
To God’s peaceful stars
Maybe I’ll be able to sleep
Knowing that in my mind
I love someone and that person
Is you.

Someone that I so long,
To dream of.
Sometimes I would make a
Wish just to ease those pains
A wish of touching you
Loving you
But mostly being with you
For those are dreams and
Wishes that one long for to
Be true just for you

All I need is a chance
A chance to turn off time
And fly off to space to live
In harmony with you
And show you the beauty of love
That two people can share, hearts
But what can I say those
Are just dreams

Illusions playing with my mind
To think of you maybe dream
Of you

So all I ask for
Is your love along,
To dance and sing with mine
Maybe just for a minute
There I’ll be the happiest man
To ever really dream of love
To ever sing and dance with
Shining stars
To ever feel free
Knowing that I am loved
By you.

So it only takes Chance