I don’t ask much but can you be a visionary
For I can follow not height nor brackets
I cannot follow charm nor muscles
But I want someone who knows where he is taking me to
So I can implement
See I am a very simple lady
I don’t expect you to rate me high
For I have my flaws I know
But in case you consider me an angel
Then you have to create heaven for me
See I am a very simple lady
If I had to choose a quality in you
Will be God Fearing
Before finding me you have to find God first
For in Him it’s where my heart is hidden
That’s my standard
See I am a very simple lady
Trust me I am not here to change you
But atleast to give you a new meaning of life if not a definition
So you can be called Husband, be called Daddy
It takes 2 to tango I complete you
See I am a very simple lady
Regardless of how much I love ivura
But I still get the fact that
Even pedestrians do reach their destinations
It’s not a matter of how slow or fast you move
But who you travelling with
I raise my hand

See I am a very simple lady
You and I can build a mall not for shopping purpose
But to stroll holding hands
You and I can build our mansion on the sky not because I don’t like the crowd
But because it’s over populated down here
Just imagine on the sky hearing your heart beat
For its where I would like to put my head
So I can understand the language of your heart
It’s just a compliment
See I am a very simple lady
All I ever want is to make you happy and you make me happy
For I heard Mafikizolo sing: “Onketsa happy, you make me happy
Oh my Godo I am in love with this man
But I went as much deeper to understand that
I can never make you happy if you not happy with yourself
It’s called: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Contentment, and Self-Respect
It starts with you I just supplement
See I am a very simple lady
With you I don’t refer to you
But if you you referred to me then it’s you
Unless if the stature is like mine I would understand
Yet still compare to yours or even worse
It’s just a concept