He is tall
He is light-skinned
He is skinny
He has a flat chest
Waiting for me to lie on it
He has a naughty smile that makes me shakey
When I see him
When days are dark
With tears in my eyes
With anger written in his face
Sometimes with sorry
I always feel like dripping my poems apart about him
Because I’m sippin in pain
Because I’m dippin in worry of losing him
But when days are bright
With the sun shining over us
He hold my hand
And leads me to the garden of love
He hugs me tight
Like it’s for forever
He kisses me on my neck
Leading me to go weak
Leading me to go high
Leading my blood to boil like burning vetkoeks waiting impatiently to be taken out
When he’s done
He looks at me
With passion and love
He smiles at me
Then he tells me
“I love you”
Truly like Beyonce
I’m dangerously in love