Please try to change your action 
Think like a kind man that has been given the power to protect a woman 
Stop abusing her
Treat her like a special lady
Do not force her to have sex when she says no!
If you force yourself onto her,
You will kill her happiness 
Please support her by protecting her.
Do not lay a hand on her body
Act like a man who cares about her life
Remember without a woman there’s no life
A woman is an amazing person 
She deserves to be treated well 
With respect and dignity 
Remember a woman is a strong person who doesn’t fear facing challenges. 
But that doesn’t mean you should abuse her because she is strong. 
I mean she is strong because she went through it alone
She is strong because she carried a child full nine months without any complaints. 
Guy’s stop what you are doing the mother of our world. 
Gbv must fall: