A taste of sweet hug when you embrace with your mom.
A taste of sweet voices that shake you to wake up in the morning – kids voices.
A taste of sweet life when you still have people that can cry for you , care for you.
A taste of sweet love that is shielded and no body can ruin it.
A taste of sweet lips of a young girl – sweet kiss.
A taste of sweet sex in a shower, a taste !
A taste of a sweet paper – when Nelson Mandela speaks for you and enables your hand to everything that you want.
A taste of sweet knowledge that inspires you.
A taste of sweet dreams ,
when dream of sweet things and wish the dream to last forever.

A taste of a cold beer after you were cooked by a summer sun.
A taste of a chocolate that your love partner put it in your mouth.
A taste of a custard that you sip and let your tongue check if you don’t have some more on your lips.
A taste of cheese that you smack your younger siblings for,
and to find out that it was dragged away by rats.
A taste of honey, a taste !
A taste of delicious liquid that you get after the business meeting of different fruits.

A taste of water after it danced in the kettle party,
and now it’s sleeping in the bedroom with a coffee,milk and sugar.
A taste of spices and sources when they are still related and decides to be a friend of fried meat.
A taste margarine which have no life without a bread.

A taste of mints that you eat and inhale.
What a taste !