I am feeling terrible
It is like I am living somewhere else
My world is so little yet my misery is huge
It is constantly supplied with great sadness
Yet they expect it to glow up in this dark face
How can I show my teeth in the midst of this dust?
Am I the billboard of lust ?
Then why are there streams in my eyes?
Arenโ€™t these floods enough to you ?
Everyday you hunt the pain in me
To you, I have been a prey of abuse
My moans are now usual to the nation
Coffins have became a well known auction
Please stop being a scavenger of my pain
Stop! stop! Stop! stop!!! Please, I am pleading
Hear this wake up call before it is too late
Because I may be quiet then
Then you will realize that you just lost life in your hearts
Then the coldness you possess will became sorrow
And guilt will be there to swallow the remains
By then my presence will only be a portrait And my voice a memory
Even so, you seem to forget that even the prey can kill the predator