Sounds of celebration fill the house,

Women busy cooking in the kitchen,

Men watching the soccer match,

Kids are blasting the radio and playing video games.

Cheerful laughs, happy moments and good vibes.

But no one kept an eye on the time.

And so, the clock struck at eight o’clock.

Darkness, silence, stillness.

Electricity was out!

The red stove slowly lost its heat,

Luckily the food was warm enough.

The ladies lit candles and

Set up a table.

The men were furious.

They wouldn’t know who won the match.

They each made their predictions.

As they sipped on their chilled liquor.

The kids were scared at first,

But they, too, are used to this norm.

With no electronic entertainment, they settled for a game of cards.

Using a dim torch, they could cheat and complete their game.

They ate, they drank, they played.

And still, there was darkness.

The kids quickly became bored.

The ladies moaned about who will clean up in the dark.

Then men soon ran out of drinks.

The wait didn’t get easier.

The kids fell asleep.

The visitors went away.

A celebration that ended sooner than expected.

A few hours later…

It was back on!

The lights,

But not the celebration.

Now there was no need for the lights.