On this terrible spinning earth,

Which is the drama of daily living,

Raging like a sea coming to shore and destroys,

I’m prepared to dance for my life,

I know I’m the mighty eagle,

I’ll rise and fly at my highest potential,

My eyes are fixed on long-term gratification.

After a horrendous drought

I’ll spread my wings of new hope,

I’ll sing the song that never ends,

I’ll do my best,

And surely the Heavens will do the rest,

For this earth is a home of betterment.

My eyes focus on bright light,

For a moment forgetting about the scars of the past,

Since I have the hill to climb,

In life there is no somewhere in between,

As long as I’m alive

I have absolutely no fear,

The tears will be washed away,

God’s grace is within my soul,

My brain is a rain of wisdom,

I’ll rinse my brain anew,

I’ll never quit nor surrender,

I’ll be the last chapter of

A book with unexpected expectations,

And my time is this!