A thought ran through my head

And broke it into a million and one pieces

I’ve hurt myself to see if I still feel

The pain was intense, but that’s the only thing that is real

I was down in sorrow,

So no one wanted to follow.

I was put into my own world of make believe, a painful isolation.

A million and one parts of me wanted to go

I tried killing it, but it wouldn’t go

Many saw me as a whole

But inside i was torn

I put up a smile

That only i know is a lie

Hiding in the shadows

From the torment, the torment of hate,

The torment from a million and one people.

What have i become?

My sweetest friend

Should my faith, tears and fears

Be my ticket to heaven?

I tried snapping back into reality

But there was no one there

I saw a light

But… the door was shut