It the lobola day and everyone is busy cooking and chopping vegetables preparing for the day

Thobile: (panicking) Yoh! Sis ngiryt and I looking good I need to look good so they can see that their Kagiso has married the right woman and beautiful one too

Thembi: (busy daydreaming and also thinking about her wedding one day)

Thobile: (clicks her hand in her face) hayibho sis am talking to you

Thembi: Oh yes sis you look stunning don’t worry he will not regret it yoh! You look stunning uhmm (clears her throat) so how is this Kagiso guy from please tell me about him.

Thobile: Okay than he is Kagiso from Johannesburg he was working there but now he came here to work he came here 4 years ago and that when we started dating we meet on Social media Instagram.

Thembi: Oh okay so what does he do .

Thobile: He is a lawyer just like you he is so loving ,kind; and honest okay let do this I will saw you his picture he is so cute.

(Thembi was shocked to see that it was his EX boyfriend Kagiso who left Johannesburg when they broke up he now getting married to her younger sister)