(Thembi gives Bubbles a video call)

Bubbles: Hayi my friend how are you i already miss you oh i can see it busy over there.

Thembi: Hayi yah chommi it is and i also already miss you and my work you know chomi guess who my sister is getting married to it is my EX Kagiso.

Bubbles: What the f?… Mhmm, language so what happened tell me how did they meet… yho! Kagiso.

Thembi: They meet on Social media Instagram and luckily my sister meet him and he was already here in Durban working here.

Bubbles: Mara chommie yho it has been years Kagiso has disappeared I was also wondering where is he.

Thembi: Yha chomi I feel so overwhelmed by this whole situation but am good I have moved on and yha see you than I have to go

Bubbles: Shame my friend am sorry okay than go than I will see you soon. Enjoy (drops the call)


The lobola negotiations are done and the dusted and now it is the week of the wedding and Thembi is back again for the wedding.


Thembi and Thobile were in the clothing shop to pick up Thobile’s wedding dress and Kagiso was also there and Thobile went to the fitting room to fit her dress.

Thembi: Uhm KG I didn’t know you where here in Durban I thought you went back to Port Elizabeth where you use to stay

Kagiso: No uhm I came for work and i ended up relocating here it a very cool ; warm province. And i didn’t know that Thobile is your sister am sorry if you feel offended

Thembi: Uhm no(clears her throat) it just tha….(before she said anything her sister went out the fitting roon screaming exictly happy for her dress)

Thobile: So babe what do you think.(smiling)

Kagiso: Mhhmm baby you look stunning this dress fits you well (says while kissing her ) i love it.

Thobile: I knew it and you sis

Thembi: Uhm yha you look fabulous and this dress fits you well (pretending)

Thobile: So is it a yes to the dress.

Kagiso: Oh yes baby it a yes for me i like it you look sexy.

Thobile: nchoo baby (kisses each other) and you Thembs.

Thembi: Yes it a yes Thobs i also like it you look Dashing (pretending) uhm.. I have to take this call (lying avoiding the situation) hello.


(Kagiso was busy also fitting his suit in his Apartment and he heard a knock and he went to open, it was Thembi)

Thembi: wow waze wamuhle in the black and white suit don’t you want me to saw you or remind you that i am still active (gets closer to him )

Kagiso : (pushes her away) no; no Thembi stop it i am getting married tommorow so leave me alone please leave i don’t love you anymore you are my past

Thembi: oh eish painful your past hawu come on KG it will be just quick(gets closer and kisses him and he ended up kissing her to and they had sex together on the couch )