She hides behind a mask of lies, disguising the truth inside, as she whispers to the dark cold night, that prays on her decade of lies and tries.

A penny soul with eyes that change colour when she lies and a heart that reflects her true colours in the dark. A soul that’s lost its sparkle and yet to crumble to a million lies being told to her by the world debating at her feet that all is nothing but the truth.

How she wishes she could get away from the life that is attached to her just to be alone with nothing but silence and a glass of water, to rectify her misconceptions and undertone feathered love.

Just to calm her nerves, breakthrough a quote, I quote “I did it again”. Is a true reflection of who she is in a decade of lies and a soul that’s struggling to rise from the dirt being dragged through meaningless changes and forced words of, I love you. Accompanied by the same lies that got her there in the first place.

Water dried eyes have spent a decade in the presence of your lies and have swam forever in your kingdom of emptiness, she’s a complicated painting, only a few can understand and figure out its beauty, in a world of lies.