At the end of the year, I was so happy that I’ll be going to high school. I was so happy, in high school people change. My mom always said that if I start dating I’ll be simply just digging my own grave. I always listened to what she said.

When I arrived there I was introduced to a whole different world. Cute boys calling us everywhere we went, I felt like this was just a roadblock for me because I always said I will not let them pave their way to me. I was so lost I don’t know what to do I felt loved and wanted and alive, I always though that will happen but I just wasn’t expecting it to happen on my first day. All the boys who came to me were dreamy and charming I loved all of them. And then there were two.1 in my class the other in the other class both in grade 8. I’m not gonna say their names but the one in my class name starts with S and the other one starts with A.

In class I didn’t concrete because I always thought about S, I always looked at him with no reason for looking at him I even started being friends with his friends. Then here comes A yooo, I loved everything about him the way he talked to me, his body and body language and finally his eyes. He was also friends with my brother I always dint want to talk to him but he didn’t take no for an answer. He always going his way through me. Up until today, I’m still in love with two boys and I don’t know who to choose between them guys I love them both. Only people who had faced this before will understand this story.