Pregnancy is a good thing and should be celebrated, having a child is a blessing that is why It is important to plan your pregnancy and make sure that you are financially, physically, and emotionally ready for the baby. Having a child at a young age is not easy, having to take care of another human being while you still need to be taken care of can be exhausting. Parents always says that “if you get pregnant you will leave my house’’ but the same parents who said that a year ago will be taking care of you during your pregnancy period, yes they will be there for you and not leave your side because a pregnant woman becomes moody, the hormones would be all over the place. They will make sure that you are always happy, they wouldn’t want you to be stressed and hurt the baby and end up losing that precious soul.

It hits hard when the new-born baby gets introduced in the family that is not ready for her, its true when they say a baby is expensive, everything is expensive and the little that you have you spend it on them and end up forgetting that you also have needs and you can’t afford yourself you can’t maintain your needs because you are unemployed with no qualification. A child is a full-time job the is no time to rest and you can’t wake up one day and decide that you are quitting your parental job, that becomes your life. Having a child changes your life, you are in a motherhood world now you no longer a young girl, you need to toughen up it’s not going to be easy. Remember that angel needs your full attention, love, and care.
It becomes very hard when you are a single parent who is still in high school, it won’t be easy to juggle your schoolwork and your parental duty that is why most teenagers end up dropping out of school because they cannot cope under pressure. Dropping out of school is like throwing your future away, to take care of your child and ensure that they have everything they need and be like other kids requires money so that you can be able to buy them clothes and food to eat. You need to have a matric to get to varsity and get your degrees or diploma to get a job. It is not easy to get a job in SA most companies require qualification and experience.

Unemployment is very high; teenagers need to focus on their studies and by making their lives better before making children, and also getting more information about contraceptives so that they know how to play it safe and not regret it later that they should have been somewhere in life but instead they couldn’t because of one mistake that changed their life forever, some people have kids and still manage to go back to school and some don’t go back to school because of situations. Not everyone is going to be lucky and have family, friends, and their partner in their lives to help them get through this phase and face their challenges with the support from loved once because people change and show their true colours when you need them the most.