“Life is not fair,” people say these words to define life and sometimes to conceal their actions. Down the village of Glen Cowie once lived a young boy called Thabang. He lived with his hardworking mother, who worked as a helper in one of the village shops. She tried all her best to put food on the table. Most of the nights they went to bed with empty stomachs. It was heartbreaking, especially when Thabang walked to school wearing his mother’s shoes. Every learner laughed at him, they called him gay and poor. Thabang smiled and walked with confidence but deep inside he was really heartbroken. Just like when his friends bragged about how amazing their fathers were. 

When Thabang asked about his father, his mother kept quiet and would say, “One day you will find out.”

Well, Thabang lived with that until he was old enough.

His teachers always told him that education is the weapon to fight poverty. He persevered throughout his academic journey and completed matric with impressive distinctions

His mother was so proud of him. She knew that her son will get her out of poverty.

Thabang studied for teaching and he finally became a qualified teacher. People from Glen Cowie were proud of him. He motivated a lot of teenagers. By the judge of his background, no one thought he will ever reach that far. He totally changed his mother’s life. 

One day, an old skinny man who was an adult version of Thabang arrived and he found Thabang with his mother and fiancé. Before he said anything, Thabang’s mother asked, “Why did you come back?”.

Caught by surprise, Thabang asked, “Who is this mom?”

His mother’s eyes were filled with tears and she replied,” Your father, Petros.”

Thabang laughed out loud and said, “Mom I don’t have a father. My father died when I was 6 years old. I remember when he said I’m not his son. Your were in tears mom and he laid his hands on you. I was a kid yet I still remember. My father died immediately when he asked you why you didn’t abort me. Ever since that day you have been my mother and father. You provided, you helped me with everything till today. He chose another woman over us and we lived with that and survived. I don’t know this man mom,” he said as he wiped his tears.

Everyone was crying and Thabang’s mother said,”Leave Petros and never set your foot here.”

That was it. Petros walked away and was never seen again.