A two party system is a system where two political parties can run for elections and only one political party has the ability to win the legislature.

A multi party system is a political system where multiple political parties can take part in the elections and they all have the capacity to govern the country.

My honourable South Africans , I am only a teenager who did her research thoroughly about these two political parties and know which political party is the best and can help in benefiting the country. I am brave enough to stand boldly and say that South Africa has been using a multi party system , yet no progress is being made. There are still thousands of South Africans out there without shelters, without the proper education that they need , above all we are using a multi party system in South Africa. The unemployment rate in South Africa continues to grow rapidly and yet of course nothing is being done. Not even forgetting the gender based violence in South Africa. Women, children including men! Continue to die day in day out ! Nothing is being done, not even awareness classes or self-defence classes are provided freely by the law enforcement, but still we are using a multi party system in South Africa .


Multi parties cause nothing but CHAOS!! Yes chaos only they end up fighting in the parliament throwing chairs in the same parliament that has to be RESPECTED. Multi party systems do encourage corruption , look at how SA is suffering now in terms of finance because of the multi party system… If only someone could change the minds of South Africans and tell them how two party systems can come in handy. Two party systems always encourage positivity , I mean look at how long SA ha used a multi party system but it is still a “DEVELOPING” country. I mean if a multi party system fails why not give the two party system a temporary chance and see how much change it will bring in the country? Why do South Africans want to die in proverty ? Who loves proverty?

A Two party system will definitely be the light for the success of the country because no resources will be wasted just to bribe the electorates to vote when the voting time has arrived. A two party system will also decrease the confusion amongst most electorates in terms of voting as the will no longer get confused when voting out of only TWO political parties you get to only choose ONE , how stress free? All I’m saying is that South Africans need to consider using a TWO PARTY SYSTEM.

Please don’t bite my head off, we all have different opinions. THIS IS AN OPEN DEBATE!