This book is written by Lungile Taaibos
And its all about how a child’s life and future
Got destroyed in just a second all because of
Focusing on nonsense and doing all the things
That the friends do just to fit in

This book is mostly meant for children Turning into teenagers and thinking that they don’t need parental love and support anymore
And for all those who are thinking of giving up and commiting suicide or going through a lot

1.Mindset of teenagers

It all starts on the toodler stage, we all grow up in different ways and different environments, we do all that we are taught by our family.

We abide to all the rules we are supposed to follow at our homes and where needed, the problem starts when we change roles and stage to the Teenage stage, we forget everything that we were taught since childhood, we become dangerous creatures to ourselves, we think that the world is safe enough for us and nothing will happen to us.

We feel like no one understands us while we do things we don’t understand ourselves
Things that don’t make sense to ourselves

2.Factors that lead to unsuccessful lifestyle and future

We are unstoppable as teenagers, we don’t like interference when we do something we always wanted to do whether it’s dangerous or not.

We like to fit ourselves where we not supposed to and later have regrets.
As teens we have this mindset of not being able to open up just because we scared what people would say and how they will react to our failures and disappointments

We end up going through certain mental problems such as anxiety, depression and many more simply because we don’t open up and think that others won’t listen
Just because one person or 2 or more failed to listen to your problems doesn’t mean that others will not listen, but we choose to keep everything to ourselves and end up concentration on that will other aspects are being affected such as educational process and more, we don’t feel comfortable with our own family the very same people who groomed us and taught us more about life, we turn our backs on them and make them feel unwanted and label themselves as bad parents or guidance simply because we take everything social media says and care too much about what people say about us and think about us.

We feel like that when others are fortunate enough to have what they have or do its a must to have that too only to prove a point that u also have that or can do that. We not aware that we ruining our life’s and being our fake selves instead or the real us

3.what to do to escape all this
Our life’s will never be original or going in our way if we still keep that mentality
Because u will feel like you not good enough until u get into some dangerous situations and leaving your loved ones heart broken simply because you cannot be ourselve

If you want to see yourself succeed in life forgot about people’s talk because people never stop talking and no one is perfect

You must know what you want to do with your life or in life instead of thinking that you will never have what you want that’s just a stupid mentality and it won’t take you anywhere

They say “you snooze you lose” if you don’t put yourself in the right path you will end up living a miserable life with you not knowing if you are going forward or backwards

If you feel pressurized, get rid of that don’t try to prove a point because you will end up proving a point where it’s not necessary and get your self in big trouble

Make friends who will like to see you succeeding instead or friends trying to break you

Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to fix a broken mug , it’s hard to fix a broken mug because every time you put the pieces together they fall apart

Just like trying to fix a miserable life because every time you try to fix your life you get tempted and lose step
Once you start over again , then more problems keep occurring
Fix your self, your life, life style while you still have a chance because once time runs out it will be game over