WARNING: This piece contains descriptions of sexual abuse



Bang bang!

Oh nice, just as I thought today would differ from all the other horrific days.

“Kate! Let me in and give me my plate of food.”

Very adamant at first, I got cracking and made my way to the door to let my father in, taking into account that it didn’t really matter if I opened it or not, the man had already crumbed the door into pieces a million times before.Ever since my mother went missing, I had been forced to play the wife role to him.With him being the haughty, cruel villain he was, it was hard to live with him.It is not very surprising why Ma left and left her 14-year-old behind, how motherly!

He was always outraged and regularly had his head dipped in brandy and whenever this was the case, he would reveal the monster lying in his inward parts which had made his emotions and his entire being its home, home of the deceased.

“Your food is in the oven”, that’s all I could say.

I watched him as he gobbled up, greedily, for both him and the monster he homed in his soul.

I sat in the corner of the bed, waiting for the regular deadly events of the night to crop out

“There’s more?”

Crumbed, I shook my head and pulled the blankets closer to hide my face as if to protect myself from what was about to happen, but the blankets didn’t come through for me, he was fast as lightning and before I knew it, he was pressing his thumbs on my bruised neck, mushing my scarred face against the wall.

With a teary voice, forgiveness was all I could ask for.

My broken voice and untamed wails didn’t stop him, didn’t they echo in his ears?

defeated, I stopped trying to wriggle free and became submissive.

I soon felt his entire manhood inside the opening that verified my womanhood, this was the everyday case.

For what seemed like 10 000 hours of panting, pain and degradation, I felt him withdraw and bolt out of the room, but this was not over he would make a return for his 03 o’clock PLATES.


For professional help and counselling call one of these numbers:

Rape Crisis: 021 447 9762

Childline: 116

Lifeline: 0861 322 322

STOP Gender based violence: 0800 150 150

GBV command centre: 800 428 428 or *120*7867# (free)