In the beginning, it was like a fairytale, every time I used to get chill’s down my spine, butterfly’s in my stomach it was like my dream finally come true. It all started when I was telling him that I cheated in our relationship it was like a slap in the face when I told him.

He was very calm and he told me that he was also young he would understand, I told him I was sorry and would he find it in his heart to forgive me and I cried asking him to please forgive me. He said that he would forgive me but he would never forget and so he forgives me so I thought.

It first started with a slap on my face, then he started to call me names I was calm and collected til I couldn’t take it any more and this had gone on for over six year’s and I couldn’t take it anymore and I left just so I found myself again with him and he hasn’t changed a bit.

The moral of the story is I should have left him or he should have left me the day when he found out that I was unfaithful. I can’t argue, but he and I were willing to make it work and I loved him, but he wanted that control over me. I said to him that I would never ever hurt him again because I felt the pain as much as he did and from this day on he holds that grudge over me and I could walk out on him, but I love him too much and I know that GOD will put us through this.