Dear smilekeeper

It’s because of you I forget all my problems. Even when you’re not here I smile when I think of you. All the memories we share I smile to them. I still don’t know how you manage to make me smile like a psycho with just a simple text message “Hey”. Even the uncontrollable smiles when I see your pictures.

And the risks I take to chat with you till dawn just to smile all night. I miss the climax of my favourite soapies smiling at my phone because of you. Every song I hear I smile imagining you dance to it’s tune. Seeing you angry not only makes me smile but giggle too, and I sometimes hate myself for that.I even smile when I hear your name, or see it at the end of a movie scrolling down with the lines.

That’s how I got to know the true meaning of a smilekeeper. To all those thoughts of you I smile to, memories of you that I smile to, seeing your face, hearing your voice, receiving your text.

I sometimes ask myself and my heart. Am I falling for you? Wow!! I finally said it out loud…. well am I?