I know how hard it is to find yourself every working day and not see reason. How you have to fight yourself to get off the bed and start with the daily routine, which is moving on. How happy you get at night, closing your eyes and not wishing to open them anymore. It is the wish you wish only can come true forever. The wish nobody but God knows. You call it your little secret.

It is not only your heart that you are constantly in rivals with but people in your space. People who consume your whole being. The energy you had to fight in the morning. Your whole body feels like a soccer ball. The reason why we do not find ourselves in crowds is how they consume you. I know.

I also know that fighting is a good thing too. Fighting the emotions that wrestles with us. We do not have to give these feelings that much power. As overwhelming as it can get, I also know the success comes with a full force. Maybe someday we will not be dreaming it but it would be happening in reality.

We wish for peace, tranquility, serenity and joy unspeakable for ourselves. We certainly do not like such feelings. They’ve already sold, “Let’s talk” however though we find that expensive. This conversation is costing us a fortune. I do not like to feel this way but I know it won’t be forever.