People tend to refer me to the bad guy. When it is time to deliver bad news I’m the go to guy. They always notice the harsh things I say or do and never the good.

It was a lovely Wednesday, after not being outside for months due to the pandemic my sister asked me to accompany her to the clinic so that her 16 months baby boy can get injected. I prepped my myself and was ready to see lots of faces in the mall. The trip to the clinic was okay. It was refreshing, and then the trip back home happened. New news was brought to my attention, apparently an incompetent worker claimed her laziness was because I was not assisting them of which it was a lie. Instead of retaliating and defending myself somehow I handle my emotions with grace and I let it be.

I got home and my spirit was low as if it was left naked for people to blame, misjudge and insult. I then began to fume, so bad that I wanted to give everyone who spoke ill about my character a piece of my mind. However I decided to take a pen and my dairy and pour my feelings, but as I was writing tears started to fall uncontrollably and I had to excuse myself before anyone notice. I realise I was not angry rather hurt coz my character was dragged to dirt, my character was misinterpreted and soul wished to incarnate.