Scientists belief that there are other dimensions and it’s true but their belief of other solar systems as being dimensions is not believable.

I believe that we come in contact with other dimensions each and everyday,I’ll explain how.

People are not the same, we are a flock of different types of highly advanced creatures from different dimensions. The world we live in has many dimensions but most people don’t see that because they base their believe on a most popular/dominant dimension.

How you think, how you see and how you dream is different from other human but there’s a 100% truth that you share the same dream with other creatures like you; it means yall came from the same dimension. 

You’ve heard about heaven or hell ,this planet earth that we are living in is different but it has life like heaven or hell and before we came to this dimension we were promised to be here on a good world.

We are travelers,creators and there’s those who feed their energy by destroying and those who feed their energy by peace. There’s a universe where immorality exist and theres a proof on earth. There are people who live a long life,they belong in the immortal realm but some how they ended up here where the realm is dominated by destroyers.

It is easy to go back to your realm but some of us our realm was destroyed. The moon circulated our world fast, floods were bigger than mountains,there were multiple tornadoes,hail was bigger than my house and the blue sky opened up showing us shooting stars at daylight. I traveled here and I don’t know how but I think I harnessed an energy which lead me here.

I harnessed pain,fear,anger,happiness and all this emotions on this planet I felt it was like this dimension called me for shelter. 

I came here like everyone else as an infant or child, mother earth created an avatar for me. The experience I had faded away and I saw family. In the age of 15 everything came back to me .I now live in fear because I see different creatures from other dimensions and I see those who came from my dimension but they have no idea.

We are energy within our avatars.we are energy which seeks to have a solid living body but we don’t have the ability to choose a realm that we want . We don’t know how to choose and there’s millions of beautiful realms out there. We need to harness the right energy.As I lean back to my experience I think a realm chooses for us.

It’s a thought but the way I see there are other creatures/humen who give out the energy of your next realm. They destroy and you have the ability to travel and survive. 

You can travel on your own! , without fear and when you travel without fear you will end up in a fearless world. 

Your energy can create.