I only remember the face I have seen, I wonder where has she been all along. She made all my awful days to be great and brought me joy. I listen to the songs that remind me of her, I smile every moment I get when she is close to me. I am also sad because I have been wondering who is the real marvellous flower. I went all the way beneath the tunnel, I found a red flower growing on its face and having a shortage of love.

I was hungry and thirsty but after touching it, all my pains vanished. Why would I see such a gorgeous flower? What is its name? , I dropped everything so that I can investigate it fully, the strange touch and voice. Touched my hand and as I was crying for a truly marvellous treasure it was invisible, I turned around “hey what’s that?” I was confused and asked myself where my heart could match? Later on that day I saw the same treasure but I think maybe is because it wasn’t the correct time for it to appear.

I often saw a monkey on a bubble tree (giggling) I stared at it for a long time. I was confused and hurt because I felt lost. The touch was like a dream to me. I started to sing “Mommy, god why does it take long to appear to me visibly? Help me find the one. I need it to fill the in the missing spaces in my life”.

Monkey also sang with me slowly “Close your eyes slowly, don’t scream walk along the bubble tree. Walk towards the magic touch, can you feel it?” and I said “No”, “Ok be patient don’t lose hope just keep trying” said the monkey. I kept trying strongly and slow “open your eyes,” it said. I saw myself holding a red rose and a letter that says “I have been waiting for you also; you have been struggling to find a way to me for a long period of time in the desert”. It was about time I had to face reality.

Monkey laughed “Ha Ha Ha, you got it fresh and you must treat it as a pet as it is cute”. I asked “what is your name”, she replied, “I am doctor Preci from paradise world and I’m here to heal you”. I breathed deeply hanging on the bubble tree, it felt good but it was like a magical dream, still; I realised that in the end life flows with time.