We danced freely under the moonlight. I felt emancipated by the glow of her eyes when we gazed like two soulmates. It was as if time had stopped; everything around us had disappeared. We danced Lovingly under the moonlight with a rhythm of harmonious aromatherapy. The movement of our feet wrote love poems on the surface of the earth; our aura painted a love story on the surface of the dark sky. We laughed until we cried. We cried until we laughed. No words were spoken; silence was the love language that vibrated. We gazed into eyes of each other and told stories telepathically. I saw love in her eyes and found a home in her smile.

Sentimental vibes are the platform for monumental memories. The depth of her love was as deeper as the ocean. I had to love with caution. Love was in the air; her natural black hair swayed in circles.

We shared a kiss on the fluffy clouds. We danced under the moonlight with smiles as brightly wide as a rainbow. We danced as if there was no tomorrow. I cherished the moment for at least a moment; I was free of sorrow. We both enjoyed the scenery; it was immensely astonishing and artistically amusing. The moment we held hands, the fire blazingly burning in her soul was enough to enlighten the darkness my lonely soul had inhabited in.

I found freedom; I was entirely at ease, complemented by the fresh breeze that polished our memories.

As a lover of love, I loved to love her, and I deeply loved how she loved me and the manner she loved me. I felt extremely lucky to have spent time with a lady whose beauty is skin-deep.

An African Queen, she is.

A scrumptious summer flower

She was the queen of my heart.