I’m Sitting With Brother Percy Here In Prison. He Called Me And Said Amanda Since You Are Doing Music Come And Let Me Tell You A Story About My Life Cause I Can’t Find Journalists And Tell Them About My Life.

Percy His Surname Is Khosa It’s Been 11 Years Since He’s Been Here In Prison. But In His Family None Of Them Came To See Him How He’s Doing, And His Parents Died. Most Of His Neighbors Hate Him, They Don’t Even Care He Was Arrested. I Take Him Has A Brother Cause He Was Close To My Sister, He Lived Around My Neighborhood And Also My Next Door Neighbor.

He Said Amanda, ” I Have A Child Maybe You Know Her, Her Name Is Thuto, I’ve Never Done Anything For Her Since I’m Her Father And I Wasn’t There For The Funeral Of Her Mother, I Just Wish To See My Child But I Know She Hates Me. I Also Wish To Hold Her, Take Money From My Pocket And Buy Her A Doll. My Baby Momma’s Name Is Nkateko Pheto Born In Potchestroom And Raised
Around Here At Soweto, When I Think About Her My Heart Cry’s Blood, Tear Drops Fall From My Cheeks. I Don’t Know Why God Doesn’t Take Me, Cause I Don’t Even Know Why Am I Living And What Have I Done, And Why Did He Even Create Me, I Don’t Even Know Whom To Tell.

I Knew Nkateko For 6 Years, And I Approached Her For 2 Years, We Dated For 1 Year And Then She broke Up With Me After A Year, Pregnant With My Child. But We Broke Up Because I Caught Her With A Certain Guy Called Banele. I Know This Guy, He’s A Certain Notorious Gangster. But Then Only Us Guys Who Knows Him Around The Community. Many People Knows This Guy Has A Business Man With So Many Supermarkets And Taxis”.

Nkateko Said, “Percy I Don’t Want This Baby Of Yours”. I Said, “Why”. She Said, ” Percy You Don’t Work, You Don’t Make Things Happen, You Smoke Weed, You Don’t Rob,You Don’t Have Money And How Will We Provide For This Baby”. Has I Was Trying To Explain….She Said, ” I’ve Taken The Decision, I’m Going Ahead With An Abortion. I Don’t Care What Will People Say”. The Only People Who Knows That Nkateko She’s Pregnant With My Baby is I, Nkateko And Her Mom.

Nkateko’s Mom Knocked On My Door 22:30 And She Said, “Once You Tell She’s Pregnant With Your Child We Will Kill Her”. And Then She Said, ” Please Percy Break Up With Nkateko Cause Banele Knows This Baby Its His And He Will Marry Nkateko. Percy It’s A Last Warning, Don’t Call Her, Don’t You Say Hello To Her, Stop To Check Her And Don’t Worry About Her….She’s Not Yours…She’s Not Yours Anymore And She Doesn’t Love You Anymore…Percy If You Continue I’ll Buy You People And Bury You Alive. Nkateko Can’t Stay Unmarried Because Of You”. Those Words Hurt Deep Down in My Heart. “They Are Many Girls Out Here”, Says Nkateko’s Mom.

Nkateko’s Family They’re Wealthy, Nkateko She’s Pregnant While She’s In College With Banele’s Money, The Grocery Its Brought By Banele. Nkanteko She’s Driving a GTI Now With Banele’s Money And Banele Even Brought A House. It’s Been Over 10 Months, I Don’t Drink, I Don’t Smoke. I’ve Been Going Up And Down But Still I Don’t Find A Job And Even My Shoes Are Becoming Smaller And My Child She’s Been Born But Still I Don’t Know….But What I Know Is That Nkateko Still Loves Me.

Suddenly A Two Shot Of A Gun, I Switched Off The Radio And I Thought As Usual Its Normal Around The Neighborhood After Few Minutes I Heard A Girl Screaming “Help!…Help!…Help!…Percy!…
Percy!…Percy!” I Opened The Door Running…Just The Minute I Showed My Face I Picked Up A Kid Shoe And A Cellphone With Blood On It. The Problem Is That It’s Raining And Thundering….With A Blink Of An Eye My Hands Were Full Of Blood, Has I Was Keeping My Head Up I Met A Fist That Broke My Incisors…Has I Was Trying To See Who’s Beating Me…I Couldn’t See Him Cause Its Dark And The Lightning Its Playing With My Eyes.

The Guy Just Called Me With My Name [feeling pissed] And He Said, “Hey Wena Percy”….[following with a fist…kick….fist….kick…fist…kick] I Felt Dizzy And I Don’t Know What To Say, I’m Scared, I Don’t Even Know What To Say…I’m Even Regretting Where I Was Going…He Called Me Again “Percy!…You See You Two I’m Going To Kill You Today”. Has I Was Asking….”Who Are You?”. He Kick Me And Pull Out A Gun “Percy Get Up…Get Up!”.

And I Said, “Ohh Brother Please Forgive Me” I Said Get Up!….”Ohh Brother What Have I Done?”. I Said Get Up!…Has He Was Pointing A Gun On Me It Felt Down I Rash Picking It Up First. I Got Up With A Gun On My Hands…Shivering, Dizzy And Its My First Time Holding A Gun And The Guy Just Got Closer As I Just Pull The Trigger And He Fell Down Just Before He Was Getting Away, Has I Was Trying To See If He’s Dead….
The Girl Shouted My Name Again, “Percy!…Percy!…Percy!…Come…
Come…Come I’m Dying”. I Ran To Her With My Black Eye Trying To Understand The Situation.

I Got To Her. She Was Full Of Blood So It Was Hard To Tell Cause She Wasn’t Recognizable To Me, I Barely Know Her. Has I Was Putting Her Head On My Lap Asking Her, “My Sister Who Are You?”. She Said, “Percy They Took Her….Friends Of Him…Go Find Her, Get To Know Her And Raise Her”…My Sister Who Are You?… Who Is She?….Who Are They?…Who Is He?….But Then She Said, ” Percy I Love You “…..Has I Was Getting Up The Cellphone Kept On Ringing…. On The Other Hand The Lady She’s Full Of Blood On Her Face….Come To Think I Wipe Her With My T-shirt…” Ooh My God Its Nkateko My Baby Mama”….”Nkateko”….”Nkateko”….

“Nkateko”…..” Nkateko Wake Up Please”…..”Don’t Do This Wake Up!”….”Nkateko!!”……While I Was Screaming She Was Already Quite And I Couldn’t Save Her Cause It Was Already Late…..So The Neighbors Wake Up And Arrive While I Was Holding The Gun, On The Other Hand I’m Full Of Blood And They Are Dead Bodies Around Me…Yet Still I Don’t Even Know What To Do….

Nkateko’s Mom Said, “You Killed Nkateko And Her Baby Daddy…
Where’s Their Daughter?”….. Has I Was Trying To Explain I Got Beaten I Suddenly Throw Away The Gun And Ran On The Other Hand The Community Was Chasing Me, Dogs Were Bugging…I Went Through Sugar Cane Trying To Escape The Mob Justice While I’m Scared And Its Still Rain…After Passing Through The Sugar Cane Field Onto The Big Road Around My Neighborhood I Got Hit By A Car Has I Was Raising My Head The Lights Gave Me A Blur Vision ” Ooh My God Its Cops”.

Suddenly, The Mob Justice Arrive And Said, “He’s A Killer That One”….The Road Was Full Of People Screaming And Shouting….. I Went Through A Lot Of Court Cases Trying To Prove My Innocence About This Matter But No One Believes Me….Now I’m Still Here In Prison I’m Just Waiting For God To Do Whatever He Can With Me Cause Every Now And Then I Regret Why I Went Out That Day.

” Ohh God You Don’t Even Answer My Prayer…I Don’t Even Know Where’s My Daughter Cause In Her Eyes Its Like She Doesn’t Have Parents She’s Just An Orphan I Still Think I Should Have Let Nkateko Go Ahead With An Abortion…. Maybe I Would Have Got That Job”

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