Dear feelings…

It’s sad how I don’t understand you sometimes because I really wish I knew how I felt and what to say. I don’t know if I am sad or angry or maybe jealous but I really wish I could sort things out.i know that no one is perfect and that we are all special in our own way but I sometimes don’t understand why I feel very imperfect and so not special.i feel like everyone else around me is special and perfect. But what do I do?

Sometimes I take it out on them and sometimes myself but it’s life hey. It’s kimda funny but I don’t know how I should feel anymore.

Come what may but I’ll never change.since it’s life then I can’t say anything about it right?

I mean I got back stabers as friends or more like animals or toxic people yuck!

My fam is just…

But who do I or should I talk to?

I thought it was all easy but now I really don’t understand anything anymore

And why me?