Can you conclude that you know what love is based on your life experiences? Well, love is a magical wand, say a wish and puff it up the sky, and everything falls in place. 1 Corinthians 13:4–8a (ESV) exerts, “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.”. 

As the scripture entails, love is a beautiful thing. Romantic or platonic relations love is pure, despite how much we may wrong each other it still remains. It only depends on our actions when things do not go well between you and your loved ones. We tend to often times harden our hearts to forgiveness which makes it laborious to keep up with the love concept. And yet again we become so egoistic enough not to think about other people, considering their feelings when we act up in different situations.

We fail to put ourselves in their shoes to how what you may say or do could affect them. Even the tiny little things we do at times could also ruin a beautiful thing, we need to be careful about what we allow to come through our tongues. A tongue is a very tiny part of the body but then again it has the ability to break a person into pieces to eternity. Hence, we need to be cautious with what we say to people , not only those we care about but everyone in general.
Sharing love towards people should not only be across family, friends and love partners ;no, share love with everyone you come across and exercise your kindness. It doesn’t require much efforts to be kind, it is a golden attire you need to wrap around your neck everyday.

People go through rough times, we all do, smiling to a stranger can make their day; telling them they look good or beautiful can lighten up a mood and that is the kind of energy and attitude we need to exert on each other. Let’s make the world a beautiful place and spread this love, create hope for the hopeless.

Life is an arduous journey and we are all cognizant of that, but imagine living in a world where everybody cares, would it not be so beautiful? Finding a great space to express yourself to anyone? Where nobody is judgmental of your situation?

Imagining it I think there would be a decrease in the rate of people who decide to shorten their life span. They commit suicide because of not baring to the demons they battle with alone, because of what everyone is expecting of them. Learn to give intimate support to everybody around you, we all need it. It is the least you can do to show the livelihood of the concept of love.

Showing love does not need to be by holding someone’s hand, it does not always need to be by giving. But of course giving can also brighten someone’s day, sharing love is about thinking for others and treating them accordingly. Do right to others, be a glitter in someone’s portrait and be more than happy to do it without expectations. 
Love never runs out, but it is how you treat people that may make them decide to push themselves out of your life. Everybody should be treated respectfully and fairly , the exact way you want people to treat you go and reciprocate it and then you will see the concept of love manifesting.

We all want to be loved and if only we could master the art of reciprocating how we want to be treated, if we could only get rid of our nasty attitudes and behaviors towards others we will win the battle of receiving what we envy to get.
Love revolves around these four aspects: Giving , Forgiveness, Patience and Empathy. You will never go wrong in sharing love with others if you keep the four concepts closer to your heart and mind. And above all, learn to be translucent about your feelings and teach everyone around to be transparent too. It is significant for us all to speak out whenever we feel like we aren’t okay with things, how someone treats or treated you. We need to get rid of the behavior of bottling things up. Sometimes people hurt us unaware and they won’t know if you just decide to give them an attitude, that will only leave them in confusion and conclusions of their own regarding your behavior towards them.

Let’s spread some love and help in changing the world. Let’s mend relationships and keep them stronger. Let’s create bonds and more connections with our brothers and sisters . Without forgetting to continue loving our own selves exactly where the journey begins with you, loving you first.