I remember growing up my mother was my favourite person in the entire world. After her passing, my dad became my favourite person.

A few years later daddy became sick and eventually, he passed on. Now my brothers are my favourite. We struggle, cry and rejoice together. We fall and rise together. In this world, each other is all we have. Amongst the three of us, I am the crybaby. Whenever things don’t go accordingly I tend to cry. Why? Because crying makes me feel better. I know they are hurting too, but don’t want to break.

There are days when we don’t know what we’re going to eat for supper or what’s going to be the meal for the following day, but that is one of the things that made us stronger. Because regardless of that, we never went to bed hungry. We face every problem together. I mean we are each other’s strength at the end of bad days. Whilst hoping, praying and remaining faithful keeps up moving.

Some people say that a home without parents is a house. I mean it doesn’t feel like home as it’s incomplete, but I say a house where you feel appreciated, at peace and loved then that is a home. It’s only the three of us, but our love is bigger than that. In general, my brothers are my home.

Just like any other humans we have our own flaws. Some we learnt from them as others made us stronger. We’re moving with our heads held high even when we’re at our lowest. Through losing our folks, we learned to appreciate one another, cherish every moment we get to spend together and most importantly love each other more than yesterday.
My brothers are my happiness, strength and daily motivation. They ain’t perfect, but their imperfections make them perfect in my eyes. I want them to remember always that my love for them is bigger than our struggle. And through Christ, we will succeed even when others say we can’t.