There’s this guy that I loved back then. He was my crush, my biggest crush. He go by the name Kitso. He is a God fearing person and he is a loving person.

So it was on the 2nd of October last year. I was in Alberton. It all happened during the day .So I took a long bath , while bathing I received a call from my friend Diana telling me that I have to be at the park around 12. I told him that I will be there because I knew that Kitso will be there. After 20 minutes I received a call from him again, this time he was telling me that he won’t be able to come so I must go alone I’ll find Kitso waiting.

When I got there I found Kitso waiting. I was nervous and shaking at the same time. I know for me it’s a norm thing but it almost ruined my day. We chilled and our day went well to a point where by he asked me to go on a date with him. Kitso treated me like a special lady. We almost kissed, the reason why we didn’t kiss I think it’s because I’m a little bit shy.

After all those special moments I woke up and realized it was just a dream.