The narrator was a wonderful person until her mom was send to prison.Her mom was wrongfully arrested forcrime she didn’t commit.After the arrest of her mother she swear to her mom that she will find the person who committed the crime.She went to work for the CEO of the big company as a housemate,then her revenge started.

When she got to the house as a housekeeper,her mission was to find evidence to get her mom out of prison.The queen(Elizabeth) of the mansion did not like the narrator at all.The man of the house started falling in love with the narrator.

The narrator went to bed with her boss Peter which made the revenge easier for her.They spend couples night together without anyone noticing.Peter started trusting the narrator with everything without knowing his making the decision.

One day when no one is in the mansion the narrator stole money in the safe with her boyfriend Thabang.No one notice the money was stole.Peter started falling in love with the narrator and hate her wife .Peter and his wife started fighting about everything.

The first housekeeper who was working in the mansion told the narrator that Elizabeth killed the person her mother was frame.She told the narrator that she will go and tell the police everything she know.First housekeeper went to the mansion to talk to Peter ,boom the wife of Peter killed her to death.

Everything was suttered,no evidence to prove her mom innocent.That made the narrator even more angry,she started killing everything that in on her way for her mother’s freedom.

Elizabeth fought out that the narrator is the daughter of the women who got framed.He went after the narrator and shot his boyfriend to Elizabeth and her husband run for their life.

The narrator got angry and went after then and killed Elizabeth and her husband Peter.