Self doubt ?..I’ve always let it get the best of me,so who am I to try and motivate, encourage or enlighten anyone else while being a constant victim of this huge hurdle in life? Who am i to talk low self-esteemed people back to their senses while my self-esteem as low as the freezing cold temperature in Anartica? Yea who am I to try and tell a certain lady to not bother herself with people who call her ugly because it’s what’s inside that matters when I don’t even believe in that nonsense myself? Who am I to dwell up in rage at our judgmental society while there was a time when I was just as judgmental as them? Who am I to hate her for leaving a infinite crack like depression in my heart when I treated her so badly..

Who am I to continue living when I never had the choice to choose for myself if i actually even wanted to be born into this wretched world?
Those questions above are of the few that stretch on for eternity in my brain, hopefully, I can shake off the last one. I’ve only written it down as a beginner for all to see that even though I have overcome my personal self-doubt, I still have many other, meaning I will always battle and use it – don’t worry, later in this piece you’ll find out how to do it too. 
Yes, maybe i do need a shrink…maybe we all do..but don’t you also believe the best therapist you’ll find is in the mirror? All you have to do is be more open with yourself. I rather enjoy the comforts of therapy in music, working out, and writing.
I’ve only ever realised right now, that I never really understood what self doubt meant to me. It means nothing to those who live their life logically and cut ties with emotions that hinder them can easily overcome self doubt and if you are one of them then congratulations. 
Unfortunately it means everything to those whose ties from their hearts to their mind is bound to be utterly defeated by self-doubt.
If you doubt yourself logically, i mean look at yourself or your decisions with a clear, calm and focused mind, only then will you be able to think of a solution to fix whatever flaws it is you think you have, without letting your emotions get the best of you.
If you doubt yourself emotionally you’ll end up with a lot of inner demons that you wish you didn’t have.Remember to never involve your emotions when doubting yourself, otherwise you just might regret it, and im sure you already have ..and had the experience as a common human like me.
All in all this might sound extremely ridiculous but hey self-doubt isn’t all bad, because it means you are growing as a person and means that there is more space for further growth inside you. And as my saying goes “Over prideful are the ones too cocky to notice they own mistakes” okay? Nobody is perfect, and I’m sure you’re smart enough to already have known that so smart enough to use your “self-doubt” as a tool to keep your “cockyness” in check.
“Always expect the worse as to prepare your mental fortitude beforehand for the worse to come, before self doubt leaves you on the run”