Beep beep goes the alarm it’s 6:00 sh*t am late I pushed off the blankets,welcomed by cold morning breeze my tired body wanting to go to sleep. How many times have I snoozed the alarm? now am late like nobody’s business. I quickly brush my teeth, took a quick bath, applied on lotion fast then wore my casual formal clothes ( grey jeans with a blue blouse that has red roses).

I went over to my car and when I got inside guess what, just guess the tyre is flat and the battery won’t work all because of my stupid a*s brother, now I have to take a Taxi because am all alone.

Oh am so late I forgot to introduce myself am Ann no not Ann, Anne which is Ann with an E that’s what I call myself (Ann with an E) 19 years of age am the second born in my family, I have a big brother and a little brother whom are annoying,so that means am the only girl well unless Mom and dad have another child whom will be a girl but no am to big for babysitting. Anyways back to the story.

I arrived at college welcomed by laughs, at first I thought the were laughing at the kid next to me until I looked down, okay so am wearing my bunny slippers to school how worse can that be?. Luckily my friend Mandy to the rescue she borrowed me her gym shoes a little stinky but better than wearing slippers so I just went with the flow.

I also arrived late in the class and the boy in front laughed pointing at me, I eyed him up and down and rolled my eyes ( I think he didn’t go to preschool or maybe he’s not full upstairs ) you know I had alot to say like alot. I just went to my sit and…Someone putted gum on my sit I realised that after sitting on top of it. I suspected that it was that skinny girl in the corner, Rosa (one of the mean girls at college)I thought being a mean girl was a phase that ended in highschool but after meeting those girls I knew it was a lie. Well fastforward to afterschool.

It’s afterschool it’s just after English period who knew English is so tiring. I got out late because my English teacher ‘Mrs Stella’ asked to see telling my my English marks are dropping blah blah, am more like a science genius I won 3 awards in two years not a English genius but am more than the best in science. I went over to check the taxi and found out it’s gone good all because of English, now I have to walk. Soon after it started drizzling and I don’t have an umbrella just washed my hair last evening.

I continued walking, then stopped to tye the shoe laces a car passed by and splashed me with mud!, good now am drenched in muddy water, stuck in the rain with no umbrella my stomach growling I haven’t eaten anything since morning.I thought of calling my brother but wherever he is he’s busy screwing his girlfriend Emily Argh I hate that girl. Just then a familiar car stopped next to me it was Calvin my long term crush OMG OMG. What does he want?

He gets out of the car and hands me his jacket and gave me an umbrella.Our eyes accidentally met then he gently brushed my cheek he told me he wanted to tell me something but just then our lips touched, he’s soft lips on my glossy lips. It felt magical a first kiss on a bad late messy day, it stopped raining and a beautiful rainbow appeared I guess the sky also agree it’s was a magical kiss .

He asked me if I would like to grab a bite with him , I said yes I mean why not am hungry!. He opened the car door for me I got inside, and we had a small convo (conversation), he told me he wanted to confess his love for me and asked if I wanna be his girlfriend. I said YESS with capital letters and double S. It’s a dream come true indeed. You might call me a gone girl but am already one.

Stay tuned, I might write a story or two cause like there’s more ’bout me like alot .