You, yes you abuser. I’m talking to you who has a nerve to abuse a woman. I just want to tell you that I feel sorry for you because I can see you don’t know who you’re dealing with. So let me tell you since you’re stupid I might save your ass while at it.

You’re dealing with a lioness that will rip you apart as if she is devouring her prey when she has had enough of your nonsense. A bear robbed of its cub is better than an abused woman claiming her worth that has been taken by her partner.

If I were you I would just give up my evil ways because you just can’t outsmart her. She is intelligent like crazy. Your ant size of a brain can’t reach her intelligence. Quit your ways before she unleashes her power, if you don’t you’ll be like an infant stripped of his clothes in a cold, rainy day.

When she’s done with you, you’ll have no dignity left. She’s power.