Africa, the richest and yet poorest continent on Earth. With plenty of resources, which remain in abundance years after been looted by our colonial rulers.

Africa might have gained some political freedom, but her people remain imprisoned by the colonial master. Her history and origin has been looted along with her riches living her people with no identity but that of the colonial masters.

Africana have forsaken their own beliefs in favor of the European way of life. Our youth which is Africa’s biggest resource and wealth shunts the teaching of their elders and forsake their ancestral beliefs. African culture and ancestral believes have been demonized and presented as evil.

It is said that history is written in the words of those that have conquered, and this is true. The history that is been taught at schools is written by the colonial masters and not one book by Africans. We are made to believe that we were nothing before the history documented and presented to us.

I for one have been questioning and finding historical information by Africans for Africans, I hope that more and more of us will embrace our Africanism and realize that we have potential to rebuild Africa and write her next chapter in our own words and restore her glory