My mind was once innocent. My heart was once unscathed. Till that day you walked into my life. My heart started to beat, my mind started to race.

I saw a future with us, I felt life again. And now your gone, in arms reach but oceans apart. My heart is telling me that there is a chance, but my mind is telling me you are too far.

I long to feel that life again, but where are you. I long to feel my heart beating inside its chamber. You are a phone call away, a message away, but why does it feel like there is this barrier between us.

I am screaming out with everything I have, but you hear me not. When you cry a river, I cry an ocean, when you break apart, I shatter. When you smile, I’m the happiest man alive. But you still can’t hear me crying out to you.

I see you through this barrier and I wear my heart apon my sleeve. I see u through this wall, but you see me not. I want to tell you that I love you, I want to scream it to the heavens but I can’t.

How does she feel, does she feel the same, does she like me the same, does she believe in first love, does she know I love her, does she know what I feel.

Question myself day by day instead of asking, but I rather not know. Would she like someone like me, does she like someone like me, would she love me, what do I do.

Question, questions, questions I ask myself but I have no answer. No answers to my questions leave me demented, when do I get my answers, when do I deserve answers. Do I even deserve answers, questions but no answers?

Where there is smoke there is fire. But that smoke can choke you, so u stay away. Much like my questions compared to smoke, I stay away so I don’t get burnt.